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 Robotx Hotel Rules

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PostSubject: Robotx Hotel Rules   Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:31 pm

These Rules Are Inforced If Seen Broken You Banned Or Worse. If Reported And Proven Guilty Of His/Hers Actions You Will Be Banned From Robotx Hotel For Ever. If Someone Reports And Has No Profe Or Is A Lie You Will Be Warned And Post Will Be Deleted.

1: There Will Be No Bad Cussing Of Any Kind Or Sexual Humor On Our Server, There Are Kids That Play If We Get InTroble Its Your Fault.

2: There Will Be No Hacking Or Autoing Of AnyKind Shape Or Form, This Is A RetroFor Crying Out Load.

3: There Will Be No Talking Back To A Staff Member, What Thay Say Go'es And That I Finnal. If The Mod+ Is Rong Then Ok.

4: There Will Be No Taking Anything From Our Server/Site And Claming It Was Made By You Or You Own It.

5: There Will Be No Acting Like 2 Year Olds On Here, You All 11+ So Act Like It. If Fights Or Other Stupid Stuff Happends We'll Take Action.

6: There Will Be No Multi Accounts If There Are Two Accounts ON One Ip With Out Telling Us Why Then It'll BE Deleted
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Robotx Hotel Rules
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